Friday, September 29, 2006

Yes!!! It is now the weekend. Most Thursdays at Regis there is a nighttime activity called Thursday Thrills were there is a professional or other fun activity. My favorite last year was the Regurgitator. Last night it was What Will You Do For Money. I ate a pound of cheddar cheese for $13. It was great fun.

Becky is currently at her Georgetown Med School interview. Best of luck to her.

At 1 the freshmen will start to show up for the Starting Now Freshman Retreat. We will be back by 5 p.m. on Saturday. I cant wait for then, because I will be done with the planning, which has not really been a joy.

I certainly hope the school gun problem isn’t coming back. I remember that when I was in grade school, and it was no good.

Okay, well have a good day!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have you heard of this movie “Jesus Camp?” This is a young girl who is trying to convert her friend. This is a women saying kids should die for Jesus. This is a girl who cannot be older than 10, and she gives into the flesh. This is the same crazy lady saying that little kids are hypocritical and not really Christians, and that they have sinned. This scares me.

Today’s three classes will drag on. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and it will just be a long day. Because we have Friday off, everyone just isn’t looking forward to today. I hope I make it through.

For some reason I can no longer access the Spokesman Review online. I am kind of mad.

Finally, Becky leaves today for her interview with Georgetown Medical School. Best of luck to her.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today is going to be a long day. Yesterday I saw the worlds fattest jaguar aka black cat. This cat could barely walk it was so fat. I don’t understand how it could survive in the wild. Later in the day when I walked past the bush I saw it walk into, I heard a cat fight. It was pretty loud, poor fat thing.

I have nothing else to say, so have a good day!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have not slept through the night in the last week. And I haven’t had a truly restful nights sleep in a long time. But today is Tuesday thank goodness. Friday there are no classes for a faculty retreat. The freshmen retreat is this weekend. We leave Friday at one and get back Saturday at 5. After that I will hopefully sleep really really well. I am giving a speech on mistakes and opportunities, and I was seriously considering writing a new speech last night, but I chose not to because I had two and a half hours of meetings last night. That was fun.

I am not sure about this whole Clinton media blitz. I honestly don’t know if it will help the Dems, because it makes it very easy for the Reps to call them soft on security. Whatever, but only 6 weeks till the midterms, and congress is in session for the rest of the week, and then they return to their districts to campaign. I really cant wait.

Okay. On today’s plate is Catholic Traditions, US Politics, and a pizza party. The pizza is for the Mass of the Holy Spirit. I also work at some point, and I have hall hours from 7-10 tonight. Maybe my residents will be less creped out by me, and stop by my room for once.

Only 90 days till Christmas, and I already know what I want most. Pajamas with footies. With that, have a good day!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

here those pictures are.

I was going to do my usual Sunday update after mass, but Becky made me work out. So sorry about that. A few notes from the weekend. R. Kelly is absolutely ridiculous. This is the first of twelve parts of the closet series. I watched those for the first time in a long time this weekend. How great a world do we live in.

I must admit that I stopped watching the Notre Dame game after the first ten game minutes. It was too bad, but they came back, so good for them. I have no problem being a fair weather ND fan. I am however a diehard RUWBB fan. GO BECKY!!!!

I love key lime yogurt. I have tried to remember to tell everyone that in the last week, but I kept forgetting to get it in my update, so there it is.

Finally, it only took a little bit of time, just over a year for my empty-nester father to finally take the jump into true insanity. See the pictures that will be posted later. The photo function isn’t working.

Okay, I don’t anything else, except to day that Parents weekend was last weekend, and the campus was crazy with families, or at least a lot more than last year. Mass yesterday morning was huge; there were maybe 30 open seats, which equals about 350 people. It was huge.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Okay. Hey for the weekend. Last night was relaxing. I was going to go to the volleyball game, but then I fell asleep. I woke when my bread machine finished and started beeping. I worked out with Becky this morning and then went with her and Ronnie to Target. I bought a chair so seeting for my CLC is not as cramped. It is red.

Today’s Powerball is worth a lot. 203 million dollars. I bought a ticket. If I win I told Becky that I would pay for med school and in total give her 5 million within 10 years. I hope I win, because that would rock.

ND plays later, I think I will watch that. I really have nothing else to say. Wait, congrats to Chase on scoring 8 points for mead in their win over EV. 2 field goals, and two extra points. Congrats. Have a good day.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Today I wasn’t going to update, but after reading this story I had to. 2,973 people dead times 2. Wow, I never knew that we were that close to the meeting points. 1,832 days since that fateful attack. That is 1.62 people a day. At that pace it would take my high school class 130 days to die, just over four months. Wow. Combined for both the war and the terrorist attacks, that is the same as all of the Asian and Pacific Islanders in Spokane dieing or 93% of all Gonzaga students. Wow.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

YES THURSDAY!!!! So today is the mass of the Holy Spirit. It is an old Jesuit tradition that calls the Holy Spirit to bless the school for the upcoming academic year. This is also a way to make everyone from UM want to take a week off.

Not much happened yesterday, I had dinner with my boss and her husband after talking for an hour and a half about my speech for the freshman retreat. Speaking of UM staff I feel that not all of them appreciate my blunt honesty when it comes to most things. Especially this past week.

I made banana bread in my bread machine last night and shared it with my residents. They loved it. I had never seen a recipe that called for yeast, bit none the less, they all enjoyed it. The only problem was that I, by which I mean Becky, didn’t have a sarated knife, the it was really hard to cut without smushing it a little.

I refuse to wear a tie to mass today. Okay, have a good day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

HUMP DAY!!!! Yesterday for work study in UM (Univ. Min.) I helped set up the chapel for the Mass of the Holy Spirit which is Thursday. After this week, everyone in UM will be a lot happier. But then I realized that the Starting Now retreat is next weekend, so I will be going crazy. YEAH!!! GOING CRAZY!!!

I was watching Jay Leno last night, and Justin Timberlake was the musical guest. Of the 11 people on the stage, Justin was the only white person. 5 other singers, the drummer, the keyboarder, and the 3 guitarists all were black. I thought that was odd.

One of my favorite things in the world is getting an early start on work. Waking up early and immediately getting to work really is great. One morning this summer I woke up at five, took my JC down to the dock, and we watched the sunrise. The sunrise sucked because there were no clouds, and thus no color, but the hour of just talking was great. I then went back to the cabin and slept for another two hours. That was a great week, really a great summer. Anyway, back to the point, doing hard mental work or just really being active in the morning is great. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally, Tuesday. Last night Becky and I had family dinner. At home we used to have this precooked shredded BBQ chicken, and it can in a yellow plastic tub. We had that last night with a salad and dollar potatoes. These potatoes were the greatest thing in the world. No joke, the best part of my day. For desert we had root beer floats. It was great fun. Becky and I decided that all of our family dinners must have potatoes and chicken. Both of our family dinners have had those, and they have both been great.

I was asked yesterday why I didn’t name the company was brother is working for. When he was going through the application and interview process, and even now, he never named it, so I thought I should avoid it too.

Yesterday there was a training, run through for the ushers for the mass of the holy spirit, happening this Thursday. After each section was told what to do twice by the Pro Staff, a work study student felt as though we needed to be told again, but I stopped him. This made me think, why do we always play down to the stupidest person in the room. If the person cannot listen the instructions the first two time you say them, should you really want them helping you? Seriously, why do we always feel as though we should keep things simple enough for the stupidest people there are, and not talk just above them, to make them smarter.

Walking from the chapel to Becky’s place I was thinking about why I have a never ending hatred for all people. Seriously, why do I hate all people? Okay if you can answer that, it would be great! Hhave a good day.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Best of luck to my brother who today starts work for a major search engine in London. He will be working in government affairs for three of four European countries. Yeah!!!! He is finally employed for real!!!! My parents my se so proud.

Yesterday was the women’s soccer game against Metro. They lost 3-0. I left half way through the second half to watch the Broncos game. They won 9-6 in OT. However, I fell asleep and napped from 2:30 till 6:51. it was great, but then I couldn’t fall asleep at bed time and fell asleep at 2:30 just to wake up at 8:00. wow, I am tired.

On today’s plate: three classes, work study (twice), usher training for the Mass of the Holy Spirit, family dinner, and multiple res-life meetings. Wow, it is going to be packed. Have a good day!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yesterday was quite the day. I worked out with Becky, which was fun. Notre Dame lost hard core which sucked. And I had Chipotle for dinner!!

I went to the third day concert. It was good considering I had only ever heard one of their songs. The keyboard player looked a lot like/reminded me of Chaos Chris Crane from Camp. My one problem with the concert stems from the 2 sagest pieces of advise I got from my brother. Always use protection, and don’t sing at concert, people paid to here the band sing not you. But all in all a fun time.

The odd thing about the concert was the fact that it was preachy without being preachy. It was odd. However I was confused by why Christians raise their hands during either prayer or praise music. I understand the idea of opening up to God, but this is very commercialized and in no way subtle, and I know Jesus said something about that, but I am too lazy to look it up.

After the concert I took a loaf of ginger honey bread, which was very good, down to the duty desk and hung out with Katherine while she was on duty. That was fun. Got to sleep at around 2:30.

Today includes Mass with Becky, and homework. There is a possibility for working out, women’s soccer game against Metro (boo metro), a Broncos game, and a nap. I certainly hope most of those happen.

I have no commentary on anything else, so have a good day!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Okay, I have seen stories about for the past four days, and I resisted writing about it until now. I think that this cause is completely ridiculous. The great thing about tips is that it really lets the server how well they did. When I go out, as the rest of my family would probably agree, I want a server who makes sure my water is never empty for too long, and will either make a joke, or laugh at a joke of ours. Now I am more understanding if the restaurant is busy, but if it is pretty empty, there is no reason you shouldn’t at least stop by the table and ask if we need anything. By making tips mandatory, I am less likely to go back to a place that had bad service the last time. Mandatory tips allow servers to do whatever they want, and not be afraid of making less money. Once a waitress called my aunt “Hun” when she asked where my uncle’s drink was. My aunt wasn’t happy, and I don’t think the waitress got a tip.

A very happy belated 28th anniversary to my parents. Well done and congratulations.

One of the worst songs to have stuck in your head during three classes with one test is I Love Rock and Role. Yesterday was a long day with that song.

Finally, I am going to the Third Day concert tonight. It was cancelled in March because of a snow storm. UM (University Ministry) bought twelve tickets, and gave them away. I was talking to a couple of people about past concert experiences, and I realized that I have only ever been to one other concert, and that was an Ani concert a long time ago. The Opera House smelled strongly of pot, and two drunk wannabe lesbians were making out directly in front of me the entire time. Okay, have a good day!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Over my last couple of updated I have had stuff that I wanted to say, but forgot while I slept. Now I am writing down topics so I don’t forget any more. Yesterday in my US Politics class were we quickly hitting the seven articles of the constitution, and we went over the ways a constitutional amendment can come about. I asked if governors have to sign the bill after it goes thought the state legislatures, and my prof. didn’t know the answer. He later email the class saying they can’t veto it, so they really don’t have to sign it either. In my Catholic Traditions class we have spent six classes on the words “catholic” “tradition” and “God.” My favorite part of the two and a half classes spent on the nature of God was the video yesterday. Fr. Himes in one of his videos said that the trinity is the least important practical belief of the church. If there were a fourth dimension of God, people wouldn’t pray differently. They wouldn’t do anything differently, but we will be discussing that part on Tuesday, because we didn’t get there yesterday.

I love the TV show The Most on MSNBC. It talks about the most viewed and blogged and emailed stories of the day. My real news stories are never on there. Hmm. Odd.

Some of my friends believe that I am a compulsive liar. This stems from the fact that they will believe anything I say. Last year I convinced them all that the femur is the easiest bone to break in the body. In all realty the clavicle is. So when someone brought up Get Fuzzy the other day, I brought up the Hartlepool monkey incident. Never the lass, they didn’t believe me, so go to this website and learn about it. Enjoy the monkey song.

Also, I hate Spanish I have my first test today, and I feel like I am not prepared even though I studied my ass off last night. The only thing that gets me through that class is Vizzini, our porf.

When I write things down there is so much more to say, so these last few will be quick. In my dream last night my cousin Christy stole my plastic cup, wrote her name on it, and I would have been her cup whenever she was in my room. This isn’t Grandma’s house, what was she thinking. Next, I haven’t been sleeping well, what is with that. YEAH FRIDAY!!! And finally, bush has a press conference now, so I am going to watch that. Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A preacher in San Diego is suggesting that couples, good Christian couples, need to have wild sex. That story made me laugh, and it so far is the highlight of my day. There is nothing better to read early in the morning than that story.

Thanks to my brother Anthony (aka Bubba) for mentioning me in his update (aka blog). Let me just say a few things. My updates are not nearly as interesting as my brothers. I live a simple life in Denver, while he lives an interesting life full of dim sum in England. so do not expect too much from this.

Congrats to Tom Everett, one of the best people I meet this summer, on winning the JV Cross Country meet yesterday. He is the 8th man on the 3rd ranked cross country team in the nation. 3rd in the nation with 3 straight state titles, wow. Well done Tom.

Finally I hope that the annoying guy in my US Politics class can summon the strength to suppress his opinions so that I can actually learn something that I might be tested on, not just learn his beliefs. Okay, have a good day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thank God it is Wednesday! Today I don’t want to do anything. So tired. Today I have a paper due in Ethics about the movie Lawrence of Arabia about pleasure and pain. The movie almost put me to sleep, but the paper is good.

This movie made my day Dennis Hastert killed the National Anthem. I could not stop laughing while watching it. my other favorite part is that everyone is looking a different direction. There must have been multiple flags flying in the area.

Finally, thefacebook is going to open the website to anyone. It was supposed to happen two days ago, but because of the foul-up on the news-feeds, it has been delayed until next week. I don’t know how I feel about this. Okay, have a great day!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dang it. I ment to share this in my update today, so you get two today!!!! Lucky you. This video is absolutely great. I saw it live, and was soooooooo shocked. It is so good, and I was applauding at the end. On part with this video is that it cuts off the end, when he said, “good night and good lick.” Very well done.

Today is supposed to be 80 degrees. YES!!! I love good weather, it always put me in a better mood. Yesterday was uneventful, but I did have a University Ministry meeting that we did absolutely nothing at. This is not me just joking, we did a prayer, then played UM jeopardy. Now, I like having a fun time, but this was just a waste. The only good part of the meeting was the vegetarian lasagna. It was great!!

For those of you who don’t know, I love the movie Saved. It is about an evangelical Christian who sleeps with her gay boyfriend to make him straight but gets pregnant, and the hilarity that ensues. I know that these people really exists, and that scares me. This morning my brother sent me a link to Jesus Camp the movie. Here a link to just the trailer. There are two other good videos on the movie website. I hope that if these people ever run for elected office, they don’t get five votes.

I am tired, and I really don’t want togo to US Politics today. It has more so turned into Intro to these two kids beliefs on every thing. I am fine if you have a different opinion on something, but you don’t need to tell the entire class that you disagree with the prof. I especially hate it when they are obviously wrong. In a conversation about basic beliefs of the analytical terms used for political ideologies from the western perspectives the “modern liberal” is in favor of higher wages for the lower income. Then, some idiot said, “but didn’t the Democrats just block a minimum wage increase of like two and a half dollars.” At his point I was ready to punch him in the face and tell him that had the dems let that bill go through, the estate tax would have been repealed, and the bill was only an increase of about $1.60. I wanted to through in another punch for the fact that even the Republicans blocked the same increase two weeks before that in a clean bill given up by the Dems. Okay, sorry about that. Have a good day!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I went to mass this morning in the new St. John Francis Regis Chapel. It is soooooo nice to go to mass in a truly beautiful space. Today mass was said by Fr. Planning S.J., the President of Arrupe Jesuit High School. He lives at Regis for some reason. Mid-way through his homily he mentioned the terrorist attacks of September 11th. He went on to say how America has killed more people in these past 5 years than died that horrible day. He continued to say something along the lines of when Jesus said to forgive your neighbor he of course meant that for everyone except America. I was a little thrown off by this, and then he had another attack on US foreign policy, but I forgot the connection to the gospels for that one. I was struck by the insert, but I must admit that he did it very well, and put it so perfectly, that it just flowed. He was a very good homilist, and I hope he continues to say mass at Regis.

Today is the West/Town Homes All Hall. An All Hall is a program planned by all the RAs and PMs. We are having “Septemberfest.” We are going to have alcohol awareness games and a root beer tasting, and some other fun things.

Um, I really don’t have anything else, so have a good day!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Over the summer my brother asked a question that I never found the answer to until right now. How many states largest city is also the capital? Most people that I asked guessed around 25 states. The answer is 17. Well, kinda. Louisiana’s biggest city at the last census was New Orleans, but after Hurricane Katrina it is probably Baton Rouge (the capital of the state). So really the answer should be 18, but officially 17.

Last night I went to the Colorado Rockies game. The final score was 11-8 Rockies. Baseball is too slow of a sport for me. And I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the game, so I am glad that it was a hitting dominated game, not a pitching dominated game. The game was a lot of fun and surprisingly dry for the way the rest of the day had been.

Today is Saturday, and thus will be filled with procrastinating and college football. YES!! Notre Dame plays today, I love watching them play. The helmets are shiny.

A Jesuit at Gonzaga U. sexually abused some young men back in the 60’s. This article in the Spokesman makes me hate the paper. First the headline “Cover-up at Gonzaga” is very one sided and in no way lets the allegations be false. The allegations may be true of false, but that is decided later, not the day after the story breaks. Next is the fact the headline in no way mentions the Spokane PD, which also seems to be at fault. Whatever.

I feel as thought this update is starting to become a little maxymoron. I hope that brightens your day. Unless I think of something else REALLY important happens, see you at tommarows update. Hold on, one more thing, happy birthday to Becky Tomcho. And also congrats to Becky House who got another interview, this time at Creighton. Yes!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello, glad you could make it. Today is Friday!!! Thank God for the end of the week. Yesterday I made gang garee gai. Gang garee gai is a Thai dish with yellow curry. It was the best thing EVER. Becky and I had family dinner so I made that, a loaf of bread, and cheesy broccoli. Family dinner was a success, and because I cooked, I didn’t have to do many dishes.

In addition to great food last night, I also had a lot of fun. I had a dance party in my room. Thursdays at Camp we the dance, and I felt like dancing, so I broke out a cd, and listened to and danced to all the good camp dance songs. “Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkston was not the same without tweedle singing it. Then, for Thursday Thrills, it was salsa dancing, so I did that with Abby. Fun times.

There is a good photo essay, if you could call it that, on the Spokesman website about transportation in the northwest. It was interesting, but I thought it was odd that the Monroe Street Bridge was never mentioned.

I realized what a few of my favorite things are. One is getting emails or messages addressed to Ganush(my Camp name). Another calling my mom with questions, she usually knows the answer. Fall high school football games. A friend of mine and I were talking and she said she would go to a local one. I want us to go, and stand in the front of the student section, she just wants to sit up with the parents. We will have to discuss this one when we actually go to the game. Finally, steeling Camp photos from other staff members makes me very happy. Here are a few more camp photos.

I love a good Fan Lake picture.
scary ass barn

I still hate to go inside this barn, i am afraid that i might die.
Me as Santa for Female Staff Appreciation.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Okay, how are you? Good. I am doing well. Last night for my hall hours I made bread. Yes, I own a bread machine. The bread was great. I took it around the hall and offered it to people with open doors. In west, a lot of people keep there doors closed, so this was my way to get people to open their doors. I don’t know how I can top hot fresh bread with honey and peanut butter.

Not much is happening in the world, but I was reading the “voices” section of the Spokesman and they had the high school football rosters. It goes on for ever and ever, I don’t know how they printed all of them.

Okay, have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

THE NEW FACEBOOK SUCKS!!!!! I just wanted to get that out of the way. You can now stalk with more precision, but crap, this takes facebook stalking to a new level. Today is Tuesday, so I will be walking the halls for three hours talking to/being there for residents. How great!

In other news, the president gave a speech to the Military Officers Association of America. It was odd. He certainly shared a lot about what the government knows about terrorists and their plots. In somewhat related news I hate my Intro to US Politics class. Whenever this one kid disagrees with something a conservative person says he has to talk. No joke, I believe that we should all share and defend our political beliefs, but you need to know when others are tired of hearing you speak. This kid will not just sit there quietly while the professor talks. BE QUIET KID!!

What else, I don’t know. Last night was the annual concert in the park back in Spokane. The Spokane Symphony puts on a concert every labor day in Comstock Park. One of my favorite parts of fall. My brother mentioned football games in his update the other day, which made me realize that I miss that fun. My friend Jackie and I might go to a local high school football game. It should be fun.

Okay, have a great day!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I have been comforted greatly in the past few days. First was when I found out that Senator Cantwell has more cash on hand than McGavick (ewwwww) has even raised. Another comforting moment was when I read today’s SRs article entitled “McGavick's own blog bites him twice in a week.” McGavick admitted on his own blog that he had a DUI arrest, which nobody knew about. 90 minutes after being stopped he blew a .17 BAC which if drunk over the 6.5 hours before being stopped, he would have had to drink 16 beers. WOW. Then he ripped on Congress for partisan politics after a bill to open government files was put on anonymous hold. In the end it was Senator Stevens (R-AK) who placed to bill on hold. Well done McGavick campaign. I was also encouraged by the most recent polling data for the senate seat. It has been a while since one was added, but for now, this comforts me. Oh, and by the way, McGavick has a facebook account. I will not be his friend, not even his facebook friend.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I outsmarted this website, and I found out how to add more than 5 pics to an entry. This is Woozle and I.
Trek and I dancing again.
A picture I stole from Trek
Trek and I.
Thanks Trek.... again
This is not a Trek photo, but instead, A-Sause.
Trek. Beautiful

Okay, just one more thing. Chade, by which I mean Chase Collings, my best JC, made 6 field goal kicks in the first game of the year. Well done. And here are the pictures from camp. First is Male Staff looking sharp. Next is a picture of Trek and I dancing. Male Staff in our sweep jerseys, thanks ladies. Then it is Woozle and I dancing, Woozle I miss you. then on bottom is me dancing. More to follow.

In Thursday’s Spokesman Review there was an article about mothers needing to send there child of to summer camp. It made me remember people from Camp Reed. I had the most amazing co-workers and junior consolers. I never thanked them enough for how much they taught me this past summer. It is now halftime of the Notre Dame football game. ND is down 7-10, but it is still a good game.

After this post, are a few pictures that I stole from my co-workers at camp. Thank to those who posted them so I could steel them. Woozle and Trek, I miss you both. I cant wait till I come home from Christmas. Also should my two favorite JCs ever find this I would like to embarrass them. Chase Collings and Tom Everett were the best JCs ever. They taught me sooooo much about myself, and were the only reasons I made it through the weeks they helped me.

YEAH THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!! Okay the game is back. Later.