Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello all, there is no good reason for me not updateing these past couple of days, but now I have something to talk about.

Big brother, Anthony, lives just 30 meters from where today’s car bomb was found, but he managed to sleep through it. Thank God it didn’t go off.

In other news, mad props to the Supreme Court for deciding to hear cases from Gitmo detainees. Last night my father and I had a very good conversation over dinner about Habeas Corpus and how and for whom it was suspended. I had the pesto, goat cheese, and sun dried tomato pizza last night at Rock City with the parents. We got to sit outside and it was a great evening.

Today is the last day of my three day weekend. My next day off is the 4th, and the restaurant is closed that day, so I should have a good four day time. I am thinking that this weekend with Hoopfest we will either be packed with people on their way to and from Hoopfest, or we will be very slow. Speaking of Hoopfest, I work all day Saturday and the morning shift on Sunday, so I will not see a single game. Good luck to all those competing, stay safe and play well.

Yesterday I went for a nice walk that included two parks and I think I will do that again today.

Monday, June 25, 2007

6 months till Christmas. The Supreme Court, however, was confused and gave released quite a few decisions today. It is Christmas for dorks!!!

Yesterday was quite possibly on of my best days in the kitchen yet. I had fun, and never really screwed up. YAH!!!!! It only took me six and a half weeks. This morning they changed up the breakfast menu. I don’t work a morning until the weekend, which means this week I will be studying the menu so I don’t screw up too badly next weekend.

Last night was Fr. Natch Ohno’s last mass at St. Al’s. he has been transferred to Seattle, I believe to one of the high schools, but I am not sure. Best of luck to Natch.

I have nothing else to share with you today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yesterday I saw 1408. It was scary, but I am still kind of confused as to what actually happened. It is a great, thrilling, edge of your seat film that really kept me interested. I want to see it again because I am sure there is stuff I missed.

After the movie I went to Didier’s and Wonderland with Sarah and Jessica. I totally won putt-putt, like always, and then we just kind of walked and talked. It was a good night.

Today I work for 11 hours, but it doesn’t start at 8, so life is good.

Finally, Cheney needs to be smacked over the head with Article 2, and then maybe he will realize that he is part of the executive.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have you ever sat down to learn the behind the scenes work of in vitro fertilization? I learned all about it on C-SPAN during the original debate in the Senate. To be simple, sperm and eggs are mixed, and then left to sit. After 2-4 days clusters of cells, embryos, that show proper cell growth are implanted in a woman. After 7 days, cells that now show proper growth are frozen for later implant. Those groups of cells that don’t show proper growth are thrown into the garbage can. What the bill that Bush vetoed yesterday did was it allowed federal money to use the cells that didn’t show proper cell growth, and thus be tossed in the garbage, to be used for research. Bush said, “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical -- and it is not the only option before us.” However, that is the line that we are taking in Iraq. Argh. I just want to smack him.

I am happy to hear thought that some people are willing to donate embryos.

I am sorry to dwell on this so much, but the policy of “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life” is human nature. War and conflict are killing others so that you have more. It was the policy of the US during WWII: killing Germans to save the Jews.

The House didn’t get around to voting yesterday on the SOA bill, so hopefully today.

In other news, Spokane has some great musicians… wait… it has a reference to expo ’74, so I like it!!

I have started to enjoy Spokane’s parks more. Yesterday I went for a walk in Lower Manito. I was walking up the hill behind the picnic area and stopped before I reached the crest. I sat down and just listened to music on my iPod and looked out over the park. As I sat there I wondered if anyone else was on the hill. I looked over my shoulder and there were a couple of teenagers in lust, grinding on top of each other on the hill. There were going at it so I laugh out loud. Needless to say they glared at me. A little while later a lady was walking up the hill with a blanket and a sack for a picnic. She did not see the couple and sat down facing the opposite direction of the teens. They glared at her because with her on the top of the hill, they had to stop. As I left I went up to the lady and said that even though I had never met her, I had to thank her for getting them to stop. Teens of Spokane, I have a piece of wisdom for you: if you have no better place to make out, don’t do it in the most popular spot in the park!!! Go to Cliff Park, when I was there on Tuesday I didn’t see a single person.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AARRRGGGGGHHH! Today Bush is planning to veto the bill that would loosen restrictions on the use of federal money to fund embryonic stem cell research. I know that this is a very divisive issue. It goes into when life begins, but this bill would, I believe, be more pro-life than people believe. The bill allows cells that were supposed to be used for in vitro fertilization but didn’t show enough cell growth to be implanted or frozen. These cells would be literally thrown into the garbage can, but instead could be used to make people’s lives better. I watched the debate on the senate floor. It was great, and Bush is only hurting himself here. I kind of just want to smack him because he will say that it is a protection of life issue, but the cells are going to be chucked anyway. ARGH.

I watched Waking Life this morning. It is very interesting and got me thinking a lot. However, it is one of those movies that even after seeing it 10 times you will still catch something new. In other words I need to watch it again before I can give you a definite answer as to it’s message.

I am off to watch C-SPAN. Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sorry for the lack of update. During the 48 hours before I left for the coast I worked for 29.5 hours. That was no fun, but I made it to the cabin in 4.25 hours. Google predicts the drive time as 5 hours and 6 minutes. They must drive slowly.

Too much to write about, so I will do a list of the highlights

  • Fresh strawberries with breakfast
  • Lots of naps
  • Lots of reading
  • Never loosing a game of Scrabble
  • Hanging out with the fam
  • Anthony being in the country for the week
  • Not having to cook
  • 7th inning stretches
  • Family photos
  • Winning the stop at the outlet mall
  • New clothes

So that is really it. I worked Friday after getting back, all day Saturday, and Sunday. I haven’t worked these past two days, but I have gone for a few walks around the neighborhood and some parks. I forget how great Spokane parks are and I am resolved to enjoy them more this summer.

There certainly are quite a few misquotes in my backyard tonight.

Finally, I have to talk about something very important to me, the School of the Americas. This is a very dividing issue with many people, but this weeks House vote will not be to close it, it simply suspends funding while two committees meet to discuss the schools necessity and all aspect of its history and current policies. THIS BILL DOES NOT CLOSE THE SCHOOL. Some people will try to convince you of that and if they succeed, you fall into the politics of terror where they can argue that terrorists will start to train in the rest of the Americas. They will just have to forget the thousands who have been killed by the school’s graduates, including six Jesuits, their house keeper and her daughter. Don’t worry, I wrote McMorris-Rodgers a letter, but you can do the same. I hope that the House passes this bill this week so the Senate can do the same. Later.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello all. This will probably be my last update for a little over a week. These next three days will be crazy busy with work and then I will be heading to the coast to meet up with the fam that left this morning. I work today from 3 till close, tomorrow I work from 7 to 9 (14 HOURS!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH) and then Sunday I work brunch and will be leaving directly from work for the coast. It will be an interesting 3 days.

My jaw feels fine, just soar. Soar sucks.

For all those who only read the daily boredom of my life for updates on Tom Everett, I have an update! Katie sent this to me on facebook: “Well updates are pretty much the same these days. He's not unstable medically anymore so nothing changes there. Now he's just learning to be in a wheelchair. Which is going to be his life now for awhile - learning and adjusting. He drove with hand controls for the first time - said it was pretty easy. He goes handcycling a few times a week. He is working on finishing up school with a tutor. He's home in the beginning of July. His house is busy being adapted for him. He's ordered his own chair. He cannot wait to start skiing again. He's himself: funny, sarcastic, and incredibly obnoxious. He has back pain and nerve pain and there’s good days and bad days for that. He's getting more and more independent every day, and we can't wait for him to come home.” So that is all good to hear.

I still haven’t watched the last debates, but I am just so lazy and don’t want to yell at my computer that much. I also have no thoughts on anything of any importance. I do have thoughts on un-important things though. Damn straight Paris is going back to jail.

I had my neck shaved today since it is about the mid-point between haircuts. The lady cut my neck twice. This is the first time that I have ever had it happen, but the service is so great there I really don’t mind.

Have a great week if I am to lazy to update tomorrow or Sunday.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday went well as can be expected. I am still a little-bit soar, but I am glad I don’t have to work today. The upsides of getting a tooth pulled are that your mother buys Jello and pudding. The downside is I did nothing but nap yesterday. Wait…

Today I received a piece of mail today from Camp Fire. There were a few particular things about it though: it was for high school kids, and it was addressed to our old address which we changed 12 years ago. Very weird. In other mail news, Thanks to Jean for the letter yesterday, it was nice.

Today Number 1 aka Anthony is flying in from London. The family will meet up with him and sister on the coast tomorrow. I will head over on Sunday after work for the family vacation. I can’t wait to be back on the coast with fresh strawberries and a good book.

I forgot to mention the graduation party in my last update. It went well and it was nice to see everyone. After the party started to die down, I went to see Knocked Up with Becky and some of her friends. It was very funny, and in my estimation ten times better than 40 Year Old Virgin because I didn’t see it for the first time with my parents. The people behind me at the parking pay station were not very quite when talking about my pink pants which made their first Spokane appearance that night.

I am very disappointed with a certain Pearl for quitting her job with the DNC after just 3 days (shaking head and wagging finger)

Finally, a very happy birthday to my friend Kay!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kudos to KO for his piece “The Nexus of Politics and Terror.” Quite possibly most important about this piece is what he freely and openly admits that these 13 events might all be coincidences. However, 13 is a large number, especially when you look at WNBC not running the story or 11 of the 24 British “Liquid Bombers” later being released, questions must be asked.

This past weekend at the Café was nuts. The limited menu was a great choice, and the lamb pita was delicious. The music was a little loud, even back in the kitchen, but all in all I am glad I only worked one day in the craziness of Elkfest and Artfest.

Tomorrow morning I will have my one and only wisdom tooth removed! It should make me even less productive than the rest of my five days off.

And finally more kudos are going to the two military judges who told the Bush administration they cannot do whatever they please. Well done.

Friday, June 01, 2007

It is now June. Scary. But we all know what June means… laying out in the sun.

I found yesterday’s White House media machine fowl up rather humorous. On the same day the White House announced that Bush would lead talks with the 15 most polluting countries in the world, the NASA Administrator announced that global warming was not a bug deal and nothing needs to be done about it. Well done team. What makes me laugh about is the fact that the Kyoto Protocol was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we still refuse to ratify it.

Today is Becky’s graduation party. Mother has been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for the last 3 days, so tomorrow looks to be great.

Thanks to Amanda and Grandma for a wonderful breakfast down at Café Marron this morning. Set up for Elkfest and Artfest made the view out the windows pretty interesting, but tomorrow when I work it should be pretty nuts. We are serving a limited menu due to the expected crowd, but it should be fun.

I am constantly looking to update, however I have no further announcements at this time.