Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have you ever sat down to learn the behind the scenes work of in vitro fertilization? I learned all about it on C-SPAN during the original debate in the Senate. To be simple, sperm and eggs are mixed, and then left to sit. After 2-4 days clusters of cells, embryos, that show proper cell growth are implanted in a woman. After 7 days, cells that now show proper growth are frozen for later implant. Those groups of cells that don’t show proper growth are thrown into the garbage can. What the bill that Bush vetoed yesterday did was it allowed federal money to use the cells that didn’t show proper cell growth, and thus be tossed in the garbage, to be used for research. Bush said, “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical -- and it is not the only option before us.” However, that is the line that we are taking in Iraq. Argh. I just want to smack him.

I am happy to hear thought that some people are willing to donate embryos.

I am sorry to dwell on this so much, but the policy of “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life” is human nature. War and conflict are killing others so that you have more. It was the policy of the US during WWII: killing Germans to save the Jews.

The House didn’t get around to voting yesterday on the SOA bill, so hopefully today.

In other news, Spokane has some great musicians… wait… it has a reference to expo ’74, so I like it!!

I have started to enjoy Spokane’s parks more. Yesterday I went for a walk in Lower Manito. I was walking up the hill behind the picnic area and stopped before I reached the crest. I sat down and just listened to music on my iPod and looked out over the park. As I sat there I wondered if anyone else was on the hill. I looked over my shoulder and there were a couple of teenagers in lust, grinding on top of each other on the hill. There were going at it so I laugh out loud. Needless to say they glared at me. A little while later a lady was walking up the hill with a blanket and a sack for a picnic. She did not see the couple and sat down facing the opposite direction of the teens. They glared at her because with her on the top of the hill, they had to stop. As I left I went up to the lady and said that even though I had never met her, I had to thank her for getting them to stop. Teens of Spokane, I have a piece of wisdom for you: if you have no better place to make out, don’t do it in the most popular spot in the park!!! Go to Cliff Park, when I was there on Tuesday I didn’t see a single person.


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