Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello all, there is no good reason for me not updateing these past couple of days, but now I have something to talk about.

Big brother, Anthony, lives just 30 meters from where today’s car bomb was found, but he managed to sleep through it. Thank God it didn’t go off.

In other news, mad props to the Supreme Court for deciding to hear cases from Gitmo detainees. Last night my father and I had a very good conversation over dinner about Habeas Corpus and how and for whom it was suspended. I had the pesto, goat cheese, and sun dried tomato pizza last night at Rock City with the parents. We got to sit outside and it was a great evening.

Today is the last day of my three day weekend. My next day off is the 4th, and the restaurant is closed that day, so I should have a good four day time. I am thinking that this weekend with Hoopfest we will either be packed with people on their way to and from Hoopfest, or we will be very slow. Speaking of Hoopfest, I work all day Saturday and the morning shift on Sunday, so I will not see a single game. Good luck to all those competing, stay safe and play well.

Yesterday I went for a nice walk that included two parks and I think I will do that again today.


Blogger Bunny said...

where does your brother live? what area of London?
*teeming with jealously*

Mon Jul 02, 10:32:00 AM 2007  

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