Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello all. This will probably be my last update for a little over a week. These next three days will be crazy busy with work and then I will be heading to the coast to meet up with the fam that left this morning. I work today from 3 till close, tomorrow I work from 7 to 9 (14 HOURS!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH) and then Sunday I work brunch and will be leaving directly from work for the coast. It will be an interesting 3 days.

My jaw feels fine, just soar. Soar sucks.

For all those who only read the daily boredom of my life for updates on Tom Everett, I have an update! Katie sent this to me on facebook: “Well updates are pretty much the same these days. He's not unstable medically anymore so nothing changes there. Now he's just learning to be in a wheelchair. Which is going to be his life now for awhile - learning and adjusting. He drove with hand controls for the first time - said it was pretty easy. He goes handcycling a few times a week. He is working on finishing up school with a tutor. He's home in the beginning of July. His house is busy being adapted for him. He's ordered his own chair. He cannot wait to start skiing again. He's himself: funny, sarcastic, and incredibly obnoxious. He has back pain and nerve pain and there’s good days and bad days for that. He's getting more and more independent every day, and we can't wait for him to come home.” So that is all good to hear.

I still haven’t watched the last debates, but I am just so lazy and don’t want to yell at my computer that much. I also have no thoughts on anything of any importance. I do have thoughts on un-important things though. Damn straight Paris is going back to jail.

I had my neck shaved today since it is about the mid-point between haircuts. The lady cut my neck twice. This is the first time that I have ever had it happen, but the service is so great there I really don’t mind.

Have a great week if I am to lazy to update tomorrow or Sunday.


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