Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kudos to KO for his piece “The Nexus of Politics and Terror.” Quite possibly most important about this piece is what he freely and openly admits that these 13 events might all be coincidences. However, 13 is a large number, especially when you look at WNBC not running the story or 11 of the 24 British “Liquid Bombers” later being released, questions must be asked.

This past weekend at the Café was nuts. The limited menu was a great choice, and the lamb pita was delicious. The music was a little loud, even back in the kitchen, but all in all I am glad I only worked one day in the craziness of Elkfest and Artfest.

Tomorrow morning I will have my one and only wisdom tooth removed! It should make me even less productive than the rest of my five days off.

And finally more kudos are going to the two military judges who told the Bush administration they cannot do whatever they please. Well done.


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