Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sorry for the lack of update. During the 48 hours before I left for the coast I worked for 29.5 hours. That was no fun, but I made it to the cabin in 4.25 hours. Google predicts the drive time as 5 hours and 6 minutes. They must drive slowly.

Too much to write about, so I will do a list of the highlights

  • Fresh strawberries with breakfast
  • Lots of naps
  • Lots of reading
  • Never loosing a game of Scrabble
  • Hanging out with the fam
  • Anthony being in the country for the week
  • Not having to cook
  • 7th inning stretches
  • Family photos
  • Winning the stop at the outlet mall
  • New clothes

So that is really it. I worked Friday after getting back, all day Saturday, and Sunday. I haven’t worked these past two days, but I have gone for a few walks around the neighborhood and some parks. I forget how great Spokane parks are and I am resolved to enjoy them more this summer.

There certainly are quite a few misquotes in my backyard tonight.

Finally, I have to talk about something very important to me, the School of the Americas. This is a very dividing issue with many people, but this weeks House vote will not be to close it, it simply suspends funding while two committees meet to discuss the schools necessity and all aspect of its history and current policies. THIS BILL DOES NOT CLOSE THE SCHOOL. Some people will try to convince you of that and if they succeed, you fall into the politics of terror where they can argue that terrorists will start to train in the rest of the Americas. They will just have to forget the thousands who have been killed by the school’s graduates, including six Jesuits, their house keeper and her daughter. Don’t worry, I wrote McMorris-Rodgers a letter, but you can do the same. I hope that the House passes this bill this week so the Senate can do the same. Later.


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