Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday went well as can be expected. I am still a little-bit soar, but I am glad I don’t have to work today. The upsides of getting a tooth pulled are that your mother buys Jello and pudding. The downside is I did nothing but nap yesterday. Wait…

Today I received a piece of mail today from Camp Fire. There were a few particular things about it though: it was for high school kids, and it was addressed to our old address which we changed 12 years ago. Very weird. In other mail news, Thanks to Jean for the letter yesterday, it was nice.

Today Number 1 aka Anthony is flying in from London. The family will meet up with him and sister on the coast tomorrow. I will head over on Sunday after work for the family vacation. I can’t wait to be back on the coast with fresh strawberries and a good book.

I forgot to mention the graduation party in my last update. It went well and it was nice to see everyone. After the party started to die down, I went to see Knocked Up with Becky and some of her friends. It was very funny, and in my estimation ten times better than 40 Year Old Virgin because I didn’t see it for the first time with my parents. The people behind me at the parking pay station were not very quite when talking about my pink pants which made their first Spokane appearance that night.

I am very disappointed with a certain Pearl for quitting her job with the DNC after just 3 days (shaking head and wagging finger)

Finally, a very happy birthday to my friend Kay!!!!


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