Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. He is probably my favorite saint. It was Iggy who said, "For everything has the potential of calling forth in us a deeper response to our life in God.

Our only desire and our one choice should be this: I want and I choose what better leads to the deepening of God's life in me."
I worked last night and we had an amazing special of homemade crab ravioli with a roasted red pepper cream sauce. It was very good and sold very well. After tonight I will have a three days weekend, but unfortunately, next week I will have a split weekend. Grrrrr.
On Sunday while closing down the restaurant, a server walked out of the big garage door and tripped and rolled onto the sidewalk. I couldn't help but laugh at the old man, but he wasn't hurt so all is well.
My first text book arrived today: Parliamo Italiano! I am so excited to start studying a little, which will also make my mother very excited. I checked out the calendar for the Christmas tour, and it starts only 3 days after the last finals. This, to me, seems like a very quick turn around.

I think I might go see Hairspray with Sarah and Jessica tomorrow. I hear that this one is less wacky than the original, so I have that look forward to. It is off to work with me.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yesterday’s hotdog eating contest had a poorer than expected turn out. We tied with 6 a piece. They were very salty hotdogs though and that kept the number down. The game was good and an Indian hit a grand slam. It was great fun.

I kept forgetting to tell you about my experience at work from Monday last. There was a woman who obviously wanted to be Mrs. Robinson. She was all out on the outfit in the way of trying to attract young men. One server, who is at least 55, was obviously trying to pick her up, he failed.

This is the beginning of my work week, and tomorrow I have a double shift. We will be getting new cooks this week, and I hope they are good. I will, on Monday, be the third most senior cook in the kitchen, which should be interesting, but all the people who applied are very qualified, which will be nice.

It is official, I will be in China for the Christmas break. I heard yesterday. I cannot wait to see the far east. It will be like no place that I have ever been. Also, I will be twice as big as most of the natives. I will just tower over them. Great.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dinner last night with Shannon was great. We split the special which was amazing. It was a salmon cake served on penne pasta with a cream caper sauce. I wasn’t sure about the cream caper sauce when I first heard about it, but it was actually very good. We talked for a very long time, and it was great. Thanks for the great time Shannon.

Congrats to Pearl who found out yesterday that she is going to appear on Wheel Of Fortune in the near future. She went to the auditions in Denver, and made it to the final round and will record her episode sometime in the next 18 months. Well done Pearl.

The ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ last night was pretty good. It is a dirty little pleasure of mine, but it is an engaging show. Mika was the guest musical act, but I was unimpressed with his performance. And there was quite a lot of hullabaloo about the judge who wore a fashionable jacket that had an upside-down marine symbol on the sleeve. People complained and she appoligized. She war the jacket on the same night when every single competitor danced the same solo to a song about peace. Obviously the military folks weren’t gonna be happy and the jacket only added fuel to the flames.

I have been informed of a grave error in yesterday’s post. Becky, Manda and Rachael ate one and a half gigantic pizzas that year.

Tonight I am going to the Indian’s game for dollar family feast night. Becky’s boy and I are going to have a hotdog eating contest. I better win.

Hope all is well with you. 41 days!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sorry about the lack of updates in these past few days. I had been avoiding the internets these past few days do as to not ruin the ending of the last Harry Potter. So as to not ruin anything, I was supremely happy with the way it ended. I some of my predictions were right, others were way wrong, but alas, the series has ended and I am very happy with it. now I get to start reading the Italy books my mother has been so kind to remind me to read.

On Italy news, I fly away in just 42 days. It is now officially hunker down time for learning a little Italian before I leave.

Last Thursday I became a 2 gallon donor when I went to the blood center. It was a much better experience than last time. It was happy hour and I got to have a taco in addition to my donut. It was great.

I am very happy to hear that some congressional leaders have called for an independent special prosecutor from outside the DoJ to investigate Gonzo. The embattled AG needs to revise his testimony or his hours will most likely be numbered at his current job. All witnesses are given the chance to review their testimony and fix any errors in writing. It appears as though that will be Alberto’s best chance to quiet Senate Dems.

Today is the second day of my three day weekend, but I will be working a double shift on Sunday. Tonight I am having dinner with Shannon at the Café, and then having second dinner with the family. Amanda is returning from the west side of the state for the weekend to participate in the ever popular tradition of going to extremes. In past years Amanda, Rachael and Becky have eaten a half-sheet cake, three watermelons, and a colossal pizza from Pizza Pipeline. This year the ladies will tackle the McDonald’s Breakfast menu. Best of luck to them. Have a great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sorry about the major lack of updating. I am really just very lazy and boring. However I have been fuming about something I saw on Monday. While driving back from the pharmacy with my Grandma, I saw a bumper sticker on a truck. It read, “SILLY BOYS TRUCKS ARE FOR GILRS.” I don’t know what silly boys trucks are, so I assume that the maker of the bumper sticker didn’t study commas very well when they were studying. I really did just want to ram the back of the truck for buying a sticker that had a grammatical error. Grrrrr.

In other equally unimportant news, I have become addicted to Days this summer. The hole feud between the DiMera and Brady families is coming to a tip. I have also discovered that the NBC website for the show is amazing and has everything you would ever want to know on it. For once, Wikipedia has failed me.

Today has been rather drab with the rain coming and going. This prevented what would have been a nice long walk in the cool. Darn the rain.

Finally, I have a few thoughts on Harry Potter. If you don’t want to hear anything because it would ruin the fun for you, you should probably stop reading now. First, I owe a big thanks to my cousin Jeff for pointing this out to me, but I believe that Dumbledore didn’t die, and instead that Prof. Trelawney has something to do with his “death.” Trelawney is such an important character in the 6th book, especially in being kicked out of the room of requirements, but is the only professor who is not accounted for during the fight with the deatheaters. Also, at the funeral at the end of the book, every single person is listed as being there, including a number of past professors and ministry personnel. However, she is never mentioned. Odd? I think so. I believe that in the end Peter Pettigrew and Voldemort will be the two to die. Peter will die because he is indebted to Harry, and Voldemort because I don’t want Harry to die. The second isn’t a good reason, but I am using it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

100 days is an amazing amount of time. It has beauty in it’s roundness as a number, but it can also hold so much. 100 days is just barely less than a semester. 100 chances to live and learn. And I have taken some of those chances over the past 100 days. I was only out at Camp last summer for 49 days, and that seemed like an eternity, but these past 100 days have just flown by.

In the past 100 days I have learned more about myself and others than any other set of 100 consecutive days. I have learned the fragility and the beauty of life. I have learned the strengths and weaknesses of myself and others. I have learned the importance of turning to others with my aches and pains. And I have learned that people can amaze you for the first time after knowing them for so long.

In the past 100 days I have cried tears of utter pain and tears of complete joy. I have turned to those that I never knew before, and found solace in them. Strangers have given me smiles and I have returned them. I have written letters, many of which have been returned, some have not, but each experience has lead me here.

In the past 100 days I have learned to appreciate the balance that is life. I now see that imbalance in the moment is a part of life, and in the end it will all even out. It was not easy, and it did not come in easy times, but it is a lesson that I am glad I have learned.

In the past 100 days I have seen God in many others, and I hope that someone has seen God in me. In the past 100 days I have learned the lessons of the personal Jesus, and have found one of my own.

Each day is a blessing. We never know when something horrible and life changing or life ending will happen. Take each day as the gift it is. Take each day and run with it. Be open to new things and people. Jump off the ledge and see when you land. Run, take a walk, visit a park, climb a mountain, because you never know if you will get another opportunity to do it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hello all. Sorry about the lack of updates. Yesterday I was awoken from my nap by my boss calling to ask me to come in. His kid was in the hospital and he needed to be with him. I went in because you can’t say no to that. I missed Harry Potter at the Imax to do it, but I had fun and we weren’t too busy.

Today will involve no walk, too hot, and for many good reasons. The last two days on my walks I have come within 3 feet of getting hit twice, been chased by a dog I later returned to it’s home, seen a car come within inches of getting t-boned, and been really sweaty. So, today there sill be no walk, but the will be a carillon concert. The Episcopal Cathedral down the street has a carillon and in July has a Thursday night concert series. A picnic dinner, interesting music, and nice weather will make for a good evening.

In terms of news, I really don’t care about anything. I could make fun of DHS Secretary Chertoff and his gut feeling, but the jokes are all inappropriate and way too easy. So I will spare us. Or I could joke about the new white house press room, but those jokes are also too easy. Darn.

Have a great day and stay cool.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am so tired today. Last night I had no problem falling asleep after I actually got into bed, but then I had to wake up earlier than usual for work. I got off of work at 12:15, which was nice because that meant I didn’t have to rush up to the surprise welcome home party for Tom. Big thanks to Katie and Zach for planning that. It was great to see Tom. He is doing well and very good at doing wheelies. I was impressed. I took hummus, tapenade, and baba ganoush with pitas. The hummus went pretty well, but everyone was a little apprehensive of the other two.

I still have no idea who the mystery commenter from earlier this week. Crazy enough to be on the computer at 7:21 AM and still be on it at 8:30. I have no idea.

Yesterday I left for my walk at 9 AM hoping to avoid the heat. I would have succeeded had I not just kept walking. 11 miles all and all was more than enough for me. But I have a few thoughts on drivers that I have noticed during these walks. First, there are a lot of California license plates in this city. Where are they coming from? B, too many people drive with the hanging handicap sign on the rearview mirror. It is scary quite frankly because those things are huge and could block small children from view. Lastly, the honk is a very confusing thing. During one of my walks this past week, someone honked at me. I have no idea who it was, but they had a liscence plate ending in UDD and had a hanging handicap sign. I have no idea who it was. Then, on yesterday’s walk, an old man honked at me, and I have no idea if it was the angry “hurry up crossing the street” honk or the happy “thanks for crossing quickly” honk. Either way, it was an old man who looked like he was going to hit me.

Happy late birthday to Jessica, and happy wedding day to Geoff Arte. Last night for Jessica’s birthday we went to Frank’s and then bowling. The server at Frank’s called me “bud” and touched my arm. He was kind of odd. But then at bowling I totally won. It was great, and happy birthday Jes!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yesterday’s short walk turned into a little over 5 mile adventure around the south hill. I visited both Comstock and Manito Parks. They were pretty empty for a weekday, but it was the 4th, and really hot so all in all it was a good experience. By comparison, after mowing the lawn this morning, my 2.5 mile walk seamed like nothing.

Yesterday’s BBQ with the family was nice and involved very good ribs and salads. My godson, Jon-Jon, announced that he would like to just be called Jon now. I tried to tell him that I am 20 and still am called Bobbo, which didn’t phase him. However, Jeff threatening to take away Christmas gifts was a good enough incentive to allow the continued used of Jon-Jon.

The rest of today will involve staying inside and avoiding the heat. Right now it is 92, but it should break 100 today. Thank goodness I don’t have to work and my parents have A/C.

I hope that someday I too can write a good check for $250,400. However, I hope mine is not to a court.

And finally, as there will probably be until the final Harry Potter comes out, there is more interesting speculation into Harry’s possible death.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hello all. Last nights Special Comment was very well done. KO always seams to say every thing that I want to only better. You might not like KO’s politics, but please watch that video. It is shows how much this President has hurt this country. There is a clear line between politics and government. All too often that line is crossed. Let’s hope that we can minimize that from now on.

Today marks our countries day of independence. A day when we stood up and said that “all men are created equal.” We said that all humans, regardless of class, creed, heritage, or any other factor are equal. We continued, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” these Men that they refer too are the American people who must live with the government, good or bad, entrenched in conflict or peace, lead by one party or the other. On that fateful July day in Philadelphia that a few men, charged with representing all the people of their colony, stood tall and said that no man is above the law, let alone the law itself.

The king could do whatever he damn well pleased. He could ignore the powers of law that applied to all other citizens because he was the head of the government. America vowed that it would be different because we are all “created equal.” We said that government was to function among the people, implying that those in government had the same value as those who weren't in the government. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Thank God for elections. Think of how many people will be celebrating today in a show of patriotism, but will fail to vote in the next elections. Those people will celebrate our liberation but will not participate in it. Weird. The Declaration of Independence tells us that it is our duty to vote, so please do it.

Last night involved a fun dinner with a few of my mothers coworkers. Very good food, followed by very good homemade cheesecake. Today will involve a walk and some dinner with family and them a celebration. The Café is closed today and I don’t work tomorrow or Friday, so I need to enjoy this three day weekend.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I have had some time to think about this, and I still hate George Bush. Crazy I know. Tonight KO will have another special comment, this one calling for the resignation of our deceiver-in-chief and vice dictator. Those are strong words to use, I know, but I think they are correct. I am glad that my internets stranger wrote on my last update. Not only did it get my mind going only 5 minutes after waking up, but it also allowed me to make a clear distinction: I have no problem with any president using the pardon for political or personal reasons, but when that person has failed to follow the order of the commander-in-chief as their crime, then I have a problem with it. Not even just the commutation, but pardon also.

In other KO news, here is his prediction of the 7th Harry Potter. I think it is a pretty safe prediction.

In health new, one boss from Regis is spot on. She tried to convince me that the goal of each day should be to makeout with someone. Now, doctors say that could lower your blood pressure.

Finally, to all those internets strangers out there. I keep the comments on this blog open to the public. I want to hear from anyone who might wish to comment on my daily life or the news I mention. I can limit it to no comments or only other bloggers but I keep it open so anyone can say anything. I ask only this from now on: that you sign your name. I write most days and share moments from my personal life for your entertainment, the least you can do is share your first name. I don’t mean to say this to discourage comments; I just ask it as a courtesy. Thanks.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I am livid. George Bush, the man who is charged with keeping America safe for all it’s people from injustice of all forms, is willing to commute the sentence of a man who has been convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury. Uggggghhhhh. Yes, Libby will still have to pay $250,000 and have two years probation, but to be honest that is nothing. This is ridiculous. I cannot wait to see what KO has to say about this. I am so angry I cannot write about it anymore.

In other news, A-Rod’s wife has no personal sense of decency. Who makes that shirt, sells it, buys it, or even wears it? Who would ever think that the shirt would ever be in good taste? Idiots.

Yesterday I got my first bleeding cut at the restaurant when a knife flew up into the air and cut the side of my pinky finger. It wasn’t deep or anything, but I did bleed a little bit.

Tomorrow I have to work with Brian fro 8-2. He is a good guy, but I might just have to have a heart attack to come up with topics of conversation. Today we spent an hour discussing the best song of all time. My choice is “Gabriel's Oboe” from The Mission.