Monday, August 27, 2007

This is my new “about me” for facebook:

This summer past summer has been amazing. My job, which I originally hated turning out great. I took the time to think and pray more than ever before, and I have come to a few realizations

-the rosary is a beautiful prayer.

-no matter how much I don’t want to admit it or show it, I care more about them than most people will ever know

-I have the greatest family in the world.

-Spokane is a great city to live in

-the Spokane parks cannot be beat

-every (good) meal takes quite a bit of effort to make it.

-there are amazing people in my life and I don’t always realize it.

-gouda is possibly my favorite cheese.

-poached eggs are evil.

-iPods are not inherently evil, but on a college campus they can become very evil.

-Regis is an amazing school filled with amazing people.

-country roads are great places to think.

-when you need to clear your mind you should go for a walk.

-2 seconds can make any normal day amazing.

-as much as I hate to say it, UM has a great staff.

-I don’t appreciate what I have going for me enough.

-fresh nutmeg is the key to great alfredo.

-peas are one of the greatest vegetables.

-the beauty of the rain is how it falls

-you should back up your most important files often.

-blue cheese, strawberries and red onions go together very well

-the SR is a truly horrible newspaper.

-there are no fewer than 6 newer-model silver minivans in Spokane with RWV license plates (268, 468, 668, 686, 829, and 841)

-life is short, so live it up.

Rush Limbaugh truly is a great nominee for the worst person in the world. And while on the subject, congrats to KO for having his first edition of Countdown on NBC yesterday. Best of luck to the many students who started school today. And I am no longer an employee of Café Marron. Work is done, let summer begin!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry for the major lack of updating in the past 2 weeks. My life defiantly slowed down and I have spent a lot of time thinking. I would rather update less often with really good stuff, than everyday with crap.

2 weeks till I fly away to Italy. I cannot wait but there is much to be done before I leave. Tonight I will work for the first of 6 straight nights, after which I will be done at the Café Marron. Sad. Not really. We haven’t had the best of luck in finding new people back in the kitchen. These last two though seem like real keepers.

On the 30th I have made plans to fly down to Denver for a long weekend to say goodbye to everyone at Regis. This was a very good choice and I cannot wait to see everyone down in CO.

And now a series of announcements I have missed in these past two weeks:

-Congrats to Big Brother for his first published ghost written op-ed.

-Congrats to Billy (cousin) and Katie on the birth of their first son, William Regis.

-Happy birthday to Grandma K., Father, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Marguerite.

-Congrats to Becky passing her first general knowledge med school quiz.

-Congrats to Christine (another cousin) on receiving her second MA (this time in clinical psychology)

Today on my walk I noticed for the first time an absolutely beautiful house on the corner of 24th and Grand just across the street from the Lutheran Church. It is a beautiful blue with white trimmed house, and if it weren’t facing Grand and had central air I would say I wouldn’t mind living there. On this particular walk I felt very at piece, and realized that today has the potential of being the second best day of the summer. It is amazing how just 10 seconds can make that possible.

In regard to my last two posts, the house on 29th and Perry doesn’t have an apartment over the garage that could be a granny flat, but in the backyard there is something that looks like a poorly constructed shack that might just be that home office. Also, no direct responses to my letter, but there have been more saying the SPD is doing a horrible job.

My one request, should my parents ever win the lottery, is that they buy the SR and clean things up.

In the past two days of letter to the editor, 5 letter were published with more than the allowed 200 words!!! They had 207, 205, 213, 207, and 202 words!!!!! To most people this will mean nothing, but I always have to cut great words from my letters to get them down to 200. They will certainly be receiving an email from me today since I once sent in a letter with 203 words and was told to cut it down. Maybe if I shared an opinion with them once in a while…..

Sorry about that, I got a little rilled up. Hoping all is well out there in the interwebs.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Yesterday’s walk involved a quick run in with the mayor. It was quite the sight to see. Me: kaki shorts, t-shirt, iPod, running shoes. Him: dress shirt, slacks, blackberry, dress shoes. I had not seen him in quite a while and that run in reminded me horribly of awkward grade school basketball.

Near the intersection of Perry and 29th there is a house for sale. Attached to the regular for sale by agent sign is an additional sign that reads, “MOTHER-IN-LAW OR BUSINESS SET UP.” I don’t quite know what that means, but I am glad that it can serve two different purposes.

I still have no idea who my anonymous internets friend is. Any help?

Last night wasn’t too bad, but the owners came in and had some concerns. The new guy made the crab cake a little small, and the owner looked shocked to hear that we have no written recipes, and that they are all from memory. Tonight he will probably stop by and talk to Jeff. I am not looking forward to that.

32 days and counting till I leave. AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I had the greatest dream last night. I won’t bore you with the details, but it made my day. The best part of the dream was that it was the dream after I woke up at 6:30 and then fell back asleep. Amazing.

I saw Hairspray with Sarah and Jessica on Thursday. It was good, but leaving the theater I still had a few doubts in my mind. I saw the original in my Civil Rights in Film seminar. The original was a much better film about race and racism. The new one was a much better musical. But I would still recommend you see it.

On the topic on movie to see, everyone should see The Big Bad Swim. Absolutely hilarious. Great fun with a great message that gets stuck in there in the end.

This past Wednesday Police Chief Kirkpartick released more details about the jumper from the Monroe St. Bridge. Apparently, this man had tried to pull an officer over a different bridge during another suicide attempt. That is why they tried to Taser him while he was going to the bathroom. On Thursday there were 5 letters condemning the SPD for using the Taser. I immediately sent off a letter to the editor, which was published yesterday. Here it is:

Don't judge bridge negotiators

Thursday, Aug. 2, this page offered five letters admonishing the SPD for using force in the tragic events of July 27, a perfect example of Spokanites making up their minds before they have all the facts.

Ms. Gervais chose to ignore the fact that there were 20 hours of talks when stating that Tasers should be used as a last resort and in dangerous situations, both of which were present.

Mr. Smith and Mr. MacPherson take the S-R's word as gold when they share what the media was able to glean from the sidelines

Mr. Olsen believes that his past experiences of a warm, helping hand can do more than brute force. With previous experience, then, he should have also realized that no two suicide attempts are the same, and that the SPD would know more about this case than he would.

Ms. Dugger compares the SPD to children with toys, which couldn't be further from the truth. My godfather, who has been with the SPD for many years, has used the Taser in action and respects the incredible force that it has.

Before any of us judges, we should put ourselves into the danger that they do every day.

Robert House

That letter is exactly 200 words, which is why the titles of their letters are not present. There is also a letter today that ends, “Perhaps they think that the only facts they need are the negatively biased coverage on law enforcement that the Spokesman is always eager to print.” Well said Debra Clarke of Spokane. Well said.

I have been supremely unimpressed with the coverage the SR has given the people of Spokane in the past many months. Whenever they can shift blame to someone, they do. Just look at the death of Tyler DeLeon, who died of malnutrition caused by child abuse. The SR had a front page story saying the Doctor should have caught the abuse and reported it. They did not blame the state agencies who are responsible for the kids, or anyone else, just the doctor. There have been many very good letters defending him.

Tonight I work with the new hot-side guy alone. This will be the first time that he works without another hot-side guy. Should be an interesting little night. Have a great day!