Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and feast day of St. Wolfgang!!!

Not much to report today, but I just want to let you all know that I did in fact survive last night’s Halloween party. I was a kebab. For those of you not familiar with the European conception of a Kebab, it is lettuce, tomatoes, onions, humus, tsatsiki with either beef or chicken all rapped in a tortilla. I had one as I walked home from the party. Pictures after the trip. Last night is the farthest I have ever been gone on a Tuesday. Wow.

Winners of the costume contest were the "Party Bus" and the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Both lame compared to mine.

Video of the day: when ghosts are more popular than your most important policy, do you really get to complain?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not all that much to tell you today, but I just wanted to check in with you all.

Congratulations to Quinn and Brent Waller, both former bosses at Regis, who welcomed their first son into the world this past weekend. Padraic McCoy Waller is apparently doing well and will be dressed as a lobster for Halloween, with Quinn being a chef. She will be caring him around in a pot.

Tonight is the Halloween party. I better win the costume contest. Okay, off to funtimes.

Video of the day: best reason ever to not be anal retentive about signs (cheerleader addition).

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ciao belli. My weekend was fabulous, and I hope yours was also. I have more than a lot to tell you about, so here we shall go.

Thursday night I went to Space Electronica, a club not far from the train station, after a few drinks at Public House. At the club, there was this random guy who looked kind of firmilair. Apparently it was Adam Brody. No, I have never watched The OC, but I am sure I saw him on TV once.

We left Florence at 8 Friday morning. The short two hour bus ride took us to the Hotel La Posta, a very nice hotel where just over half of the students went to swim in the thermal springs. It was the greatest thing to ever happen, and is a wonderful hang over cure.

After the hot springs we had a nice picnic in the park across from the hotel. Then, quick visits to the cities of Sant’Antimo (crisp, clean, and beautiful church) and Montalcino (where I bought two different kinds of very good honey). We then arrived in our hotel in the city of Murlo, population 1,000. dinner at the hotel and quick trip to the one bar in town before an early nights sleep.

Saturday involved a short walk to the Etruscan Museum and a short bus ride to another quick walk to a winery with wine tasting in Campriano. For this part, the group was broken in two with half going to the wine tasting first and the museum second. Unfortunately, Fr. Paul got lost on the 2 kilometer walk back to the bus after the wine tasting. Thusly, the second group didn’t have enough time to go to the museum. Whatever. After the tasting, we had an opportunity to buy the wines, for pretty good prices, that we had just tasted. I didn’t but any of the four we tasted, but did get a huge, 750 ml, bottle of EVOO for a very reasonable price. The afternoon involved a trip to the city of Pienze, hometown of Pope Pius II. I had a good panino and the view was beautiful from the hill on which the town sits. I bought a bottle of wine and a nicely hand painted box. I also had a sample of Pecorino cheese, goat cheese, which is a staple of the region. Delicious. The evening involved dinner at the hotel again, at another drink at the bar before another early morning.

Sunday had a quick trip to the site of San Galgano’s hermitage and his own sword in the stone. Moderately interesting. I also bought the best gummies I have ever had in my life here. Then, back to Florence.

All in all an amazing weekend, but I also bought far too much. When in southern Tuscany….

I have decided to start making lists of stupid things that I see GIF students doing/saying. This will be the first of many installments, and all happened this weekend.

  • “I just love being stared at.” Sarcastically said by girl walking with a group of on fewer than 12 other loud Americans.
  • Students smoking weed on the grass inside the open gated area in front of the church in Murlo.
  • No fewer than 3 students leaning up against a pot from the 6th century BC while not listening to the tour guide. They later put their purses on the table holding another pot to fish out their cameras.
  • 2 girls walking through the church in Sant’Antimo while listening to one iPod and signing along and giggling.
  • WINNER: after walking past the adoration chapel in the same church, and noting the sing that said “Blessed Sacrament, please keep quite” (in Italian being: Sacramento Spirito), practically yells, “Sacramento, WHAT WHHHHAT.” Idiot.

I hope that all is well with you. This week is a two day week. Wednesday we leave for Bosnia!!!

Too much news, so… WTF: Rockies (0-4???), Bush Iraq leadership v. Ghosts (31% v 34%???), and FEMA (fake press conference, who even had that thought?)

Video of the day: While I recommend you watch all of last Friday’s Countdown, I cannot believe it took KO a whole week to get enough quotes from BillO to do another story of Dumbledore.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Midterms where harder than I expected. My Politics ones kept getting harder as the week progressed, and at the end of the second straight one yesterday I thought that my hand was going to fall off. The Italian one was good though.

Tomorrow morning I leave for southern Tuscany. Wine tasting and hot springs are on the schedule, and I am looking forward to a relaxing trip.

Today for lunch I had the most amazing pear and gorgonzola lasagna. It was the best part of my week. Yeah, it was that great.

Tonight should involve not-actually-Champaign, a BBQ, a huge Italian party in a park, a PH, and possibly a dance club. Wish me luck.

What happened to the Rockies? 13-1? Really? I hope they do better tomorrow.

(Since I didn’t video you on my last) Videos of the day: How did I miss this SNL video about Iran for 3 months? And sights and sounds of the California Wildfires

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

only two things today:
A) really, 200 days, wow. hard to believe.
B) what should i be for halloween? really, i need help. without goodwill i am running short on ideas. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
video of the day: nothing, so you get 2 tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Life is good. There has been a major lack of updates these past few days. My parents where in town for the first seven of those missed days (thurs-thurs) and on Friday I had classes so I wasn’t in the best mood.

The visit from the rents and Anthony and Andrew was nice. You eat much better food when your parents pay. We had a day trip to Ravena which was beautiful. I bought a rosary for myself. It has a mosaic cross, and the city is known for the mosaics, so I thought it to be appropriate. Wonderful meals included the unnamed restraint in Fiesole, Pepo, and Mama Gina.

In more pressing news, Dumbledore is gay? Really? Who would have thunk it? Spin off? Odds that a school district now bans it?

I had a very odd dream last night. I was at a political rally in a supermarket produce section, after which I climbed a poll, was surrounded by random spokanites (including Tom and Michelle Prosser) and I did a standing back flip. Any ideas?

Finally, I never actually welcomed Becky to the internets. Her blog, Adventures and Scars, chronicles the life of an M1.

Video of the day: how do people get away with slamming and mocking a 12 year old who is able to be alive thanks to the government?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

so i know that i have been horrible at updateing, but that is becuase so much is packed into the weekend that i am just too lazy to write about it all. so, cinque terre update will be later.

I’m not sure if I ever told the story of how everyone thinks I am writing a book. on the first day of my 19th century erupean history class I said that I was reading a book on catholic social teaching. half the class, including the prof, heard that I was writing a book. yesterday he asked me how it was going and the truth finally came out. the best part of the story is that he may have already told my politics prof that I was writing one.

Monday night I made a new American friend while I was walking down the street. we talked for a long while and just talked. it was nice to meet someone new. before I meet him, I ran into a group of very lost little old ladies on cavour, where I live. they did not trust me at first, so I just had to lead them to the corner that would properly set them on their way.

I don’t think I am going to watch yesterday’s republican debate. it seems a little like a waste of time.

finally, the video of the day: the worst person from Thursday. THE ELEPHANT IS BLUE!!!!!!