Monday, October 22, 2007

Life is good. There has been a major lack of updates these past few days. My parents where in town for the first seven of those missed days (thurs-thurs) and on Friday I had classes so I wasn’t in the best mood.

The visit from the rents and Anthony and Andrew was nice. You eat much better food when your parents pay. We had a day trip to Ravena which was beautiful. I bought a rosary for myself. It has a mosaic cross, and the city is known for the mosaics, so I thought it to be appropriate. Wonderful meals included the unnamed restraint in Fiesole, Pepo, and Mama Gina.

In more pressing news, Dumbledore is gay? Really? Who would have thunk it? Spin off? Odds that a school district now bans it?

I had a very odd dream last night. I was at a political rally in a supermarket produce section, after which I climbed a poll, was surrounded by random spokanites (including Tom and Michelle Prosser) and I did a standing back flip. Any ideas?

Finally, I never actually welcomed Becky to the internets. Her blog, Adventures and Scars, chronicles the life of an M1.

Video of the day: how do people get away with slamming and mocking a 12 year old who is able to be alive thanks to the government?


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