Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today one of the managers at work asked me what I thought of the two major contenders in the Democratic Presidential primary. I told him what I thought and then he said that he thought that from the things that he had heard that Obama was unpatriotic. I immediately rolled my eyes but had to leave before we could discuss further.

Had we had the conversation I would have started with how we would be defining the term, ‘patriotic.’ Is it the person who first thing they do in the morning is put on their American flag lapel pin, or maybe just the person who has enough that they can just keep one of them on each suit jacket. Is it the person who will wake up for the fall at 3 A.M., or the person who will actually is willing to give themselves over to the people? Could it even be the person who votes in every election, no matter the importance? I, in the classic utilitarian sense, would define patriotism as pitting the value of good and evil for every American both currently alive and those yet to be born.

So I really do wonder why Rob would say that. Is the ridiculous bull that the RNC keeps putting out really making an impact? Obama now has a rumor dispersing sight called ‘Fight the Smear.’

In other news, happy birthday to Molly. There was a nice party at Megan C’s house last night. It was a garden party until the storm hit, so it morphed into a under the shelter next to garage party.

DFS #3: I made the train ride up to Bolzano. In northern Italy, most cities have both a German and an Italian name since so many speak German. So, Blozano and Bolzen. I spent a little while there, and then took the bus up to Ortisei-St. Ulrich. I walked around for a little while trying to find a place to sleep and ended up finding a place to eat a pizza and have a nice beer. I continued to wander and eventually set up camp under a tree on one of the hillsides of the valley. I slept for not over three hours because I was just too cold and too excited. I watched the sun rise after sitting in the main square whose temperature clock informed me that it was -10 C. That was no fun. I grabbed a caffe latte and a pastry and then went to a ski shop to rent some skies. I hopped on the tram and went up the hill. I went down the hill and down into the Val Gardena. It was beautiful and cross country skied all day, hoped back down the tram and hoped a train back. It was a great day filled with many falls, beautiful views, good times, lots of peanuts and good time with myself.

Video of the day: 30 Days-Abortion.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Wow, two updates in a week. I am doing great.

I got an iGoogle finally, and it was a great choice. I now have lots and lots of interesting things on my homepage including email and weather and Wonkette. How great is life.

Work is getting better. I despised the training part, which I have discovered will be the majority of my time as a courier. Luckily, a guy called in sick, so I got to do his route last week. Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to go back to training tomorrow. Grrrrrr.

With the general election just around the corner (…) it is time to start talking policy. Obama has started a two week tour on the economy. MSNBC has noted that if 18 months ago (when the campaign started) you had said that this would be an election on the economy, everyone would have laughed you out of the room. But now it looks like it will be just as if not more important than the war. At some point this week I want to go in-depth into both candidates thoughts and plans and present them to you. You will have to wait for that though.

Daily Flo story #2: One Thursday night I was staying in town because I was going to be going up to the Dolomites Friday morning to go cross country skiing. I went for a nice walk up to the Piazzale Michelangelo. I snapped these two photos. It was the most beautiful I have ever seen the city. Tomorrow will be the rest of that weekend.

Daily video: not actually a video, but the number two and one stories were both very good. This is the new and much improved Countdown website.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

And so it begins again. Life has returned. I have been in the states for seven and a half weeks now and life is good. Words alone, I have learned over the year, cannot get to the true nature of anything a person might actually learn. Nothing has clean lines. Nothing is unattached from every other aspect of my life. You cannot look at my friendships that I made in Italy without being cognoscente of all of my other relationships, good and bad. Only truly great writers can eloquently give you those stings that bind to let you better know the lessons learned. I am no such writer, and had difficulty trying to communicate such complex lessons to something palatable for the internets.

But life is good. Second semester was more amazing than the first. I went to many cities, including Jerusalem. My goal for the summer is to fill you in on what happened. I will give you pictures and try to share some of the amazing times that I had.

My friends from Florence have changed me more than I thought was possible. They helped me to better discover myself, and for that I will always be indebted to them. Things cannot be in the same in this country. No matter how many coffee dates David B. and Lucas have, they will not compare to long talks in Café Cavour after class. And while Andrew and I might talk on the phone once a week, or visit each other this summer, a talk with a beer in his backyard will not compare to a talk on the balcony with a nice bottle of spumonti. I cannot say how much those times mean to me, but I hope over the summer to better appreciate them, the lessons I am still digesting that they taught me, and to make that a tangible change in me.

Lauren, one of my housemates, told me in March that I was a lot more fun that semester. It is true, and that is because I have already began to learn from them. In other Spokane news though, I have met quite a few GU kids. They really are a lot of fun. I find myself on or near campus every weekend. I filled out the transfer application but after lots and lots of thinking, I chose not to send it in. Regis better be ready for me in the fall because they will need help. I cannot wait to try to make a change in that community. Bring on the challenges.

So now we have a summer insert to the update: the daily story from the Flo.

#1: Do you like modern art? I thought I did. Until Vienna… we (Andrew, John, Sean, Sean, Janelle, Shelly and I) decided to go to the modern art museum in the Museumsquartier. Um…… bad choice. The top was kind of cool. It looked at mathematical modern art. Then, as you went down, floor by floor, each thing became a little more bizarre. Until, on the basement floor there was the very conceptual art, including a video of a guy self-flagellating himself while nude, peeing (blue) into a glass and then drinking it. Um……yeah. No thanks!

Video of the day: John and Jimmy’s video to Crazy by Seal. It is good to see Florence again.