Thursday, July 17, 2008

i love you tube, i just wish they would let you pause before the video started. help? but i will say that i love the quicklist.

i went to boise last weekend. it was a nice little three day vacation from work. andrew and his parents graciously hosted and fed me. i saw ‘into the woods.’ it was a very funny first acts and really boring second act. watched andrew run an olympic triathlon. he came in 6th out of almost 200, and ran his 10k faster than a 6 minute mile. he is crazy but had tons of fun. it was good to seem him and his parents again and to finally meet his siblings. boise is a lot more desert than i was expecting. good trip though.

work is work. one of my coworkers broke his ankle in hoopfest so i am working the same shift for the rest of the summer most likely. it is nice to not be changing every week, but i have a 3-10PM shift, and that is no fun.

other than that not much is up in my life. after florence i didn’t really expect to meet many other gonzaga kids, but i have made a lot of friends and seeing them every weekend makes work totally worth it. and i never really talked to becky after we graduated, but we see each other every weekend now. that is nice. she always introduces me to her friends as her prom date, which she still finds hilarious. okay, i am rambling.

video of the update: feist+muppets=amazing.

florence story: the day that i left for paris, andrew’s parents were in town. they had made a reservation to go to the uffizi for 4 people. i tagged along with sean h., andrew and the rents since i had my museum pass. we walked slowly through the upper floor and were approaching the botticelli room, my favorite in the museum. kate, andrew’s mother, and i had kind of wandered off and were having a good conversation. right as we walked into the room with my favorite painting of all time, she pulled me off to the side and thanked me for a letter i had sent them earlier in the year. it was a heartfelt 10 minute conversation that we had to have before i left for the train station, but did it really have to be in that room? the parents also bought me a pizza the night before, so i guess talking to her wasn’t too bad.