Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have no excuse for not updating. Woops.

So, life back in Denver is good. Since my last update:

-Finals were okay. No tests, just lots of papers.

-Traveling back to Spokane despite all of the snow.

-We got lots and lots of snow. I don’t like snow.

-Had lunch with Jackie before taking her to the airport. It was so good to see her again.

-Saddest GU loss ever.

-Amazing Christmas.

-Footie Pajamas.  

-More snow.

-Returned to Denver.

-New Years with Erik.

-Finally reading for pleasure.

-Amazing Chicken Tortilla Soup (thanks to Jackie)

-Homemade chili for the first time (thanks Mrs. Langfield)


-Rearranging the room.

-Ridiculously awkward movies.

So, then school started. And that is no fun. I am taking my Senior Seminar, Strategies in Dialogue, Human Biology, God and Justice as well as writing my Senior Capstone (topic to be decided) and an Internship (with the Matthew Shepard Foundation). All in all it should be a pretty good semester. With 19 credits I am trying to get as much work to overlap as possible. It should work out, especially with my internship and two of my classes. But, we shall see how that goes.

My new years resolution is to cook more and to update more often. So, hold me to that, please.

Video of the update: My new favorite song