Monday, July 27, 2009

One Week and Counting

Today marks one week until orientation starts. On Sunday I will be heading down to Portland with a housemate that is making the trip from Montana. I am starting to get very excited for this trip, and for the next year of my life.

Mother and I have been having a custody battle over her carry-on sized suitcase for the last year. Yesterday she bought me my own so that I wouldn’t steal the old one. I live an exciting life!

Last night Andrew and I watched the replay of the final stage of the Tour de France after he got off of work. We had planned on growling at Northern Lights, but when I went to go fill them up, they had already closed. Andrew got off of work half an hour later and we went on a beer run. Neither of us knew that Alaskan made an oatmeal stout or white wheat. They stout was very good. The wheat was a little fruity, but still very good.

Laine texted me this morning, waking me up, to ask if I would be available tomorrow. She and a couple of friends are on a road trip and will be passing through Spokane. I am very excited to see her.

I guess I should also talk about my housemates before I meet them. We have 5 women and 3 men. 6 of us attended Jesuit universities (Regis, Fordham, St. Louis, Santa Clara, College of the Holy Cross, and Boston), 1 from a Holy Cross school (Notre Dame), and 1 went to Wesleyan. We will have degrees in English, Chemistry (focus on Environmental Studies), Human Development, Philosophy, Sociology, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Peace Studies, Politics, Communications, Theology and French. I think that is a pretty impressive spread of majors (those were not minors). I am very much looking forward to meeting all of them and moving to Seattle.

All I really have planned for the week is packing, eating and visiting friends and family.

Okay bye!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello all.

I am going to try to be better at updating this once a week during my next great adventure in life.

I recognize that it has been a while since I updated. Let me give you a recap of what has happened.

In January I spent the early parts bored and alone in my apartment. While Erik started his second quarter I started thinking about my capstone project and my internship. I ended up finding one with the Matthew Shepard Foundation. My capstone was a little slower. It had to revolve around the topic of leadership and I had hoped to write about the leadership that Qatar showed other oil rich nations by investing the wealth in a way that would benefit the people, unlike the Saudi’s who just give the money to the royal family. That idea was rejected and I ended up focusing on the structural deficiencies of the Italian Paramagnet and how that leads to a lack of real or consistent leadership. I don’t particularly want to talk about that any more.

February found me very cold. Becky and Matt came out to Denver for a visit. She had a basketball reunion which was the only game I attended the entire season. The internship really heated up when we started talking about hate crimes legislation. It was a very enlightening opportunity for me. I also filled out lots of applications for volunteer programs.

March was spring break and a nice break from classes. I spent most of the break lounging about and laying out in the sun. I got a little bit of a tan and very much enjoyed it. For Lent I gave up eating and drinking out, which was a difficult task indeed. We also got a few nasty snow storms in Denver which made traveling across the street to school less than pleasant.

In April I made my first trip to Wyoming. I attended a social justice symposium and saw Elton John perform live in a benefit concert for the foundation. It was great fun. Travel was less than ideal with the last 30 miles on the way up and the entirety of Wyoming on the way back being a white out. That was mostly just scary. April also saw my final Ranger Week and Ranger day. I competed in Mr. Regis pageant, but failed to finish the top 3 of 6. It was great fun. I wrapped up all of my classes under less than perfect conditions and fell out of the illusion that the Reigs administration was there to help students.

May found me graduating and feeling sad to leave the amazing students, faculty and staff at Regis. I was able to finish in 4 years despite studying abroad. I received my BA in Politics with a minor in Peace and Justice. I packed and cleared out the apartment and left 3 short days after graduating. I spent 10 days in Spokane celebrating Gonzaga’s graduation before Erik came up for a visit and my graduation party. We visited CDA and Erik fell in love with huckleberries. We did all the touristy stuff before he returned to Denver to finish up the first of two years to receive his masters.

June included the annual trip to the beach and hoopfest. Becky’s team came in second after losing a player early in the first game.

July has been a countdown to Seattle. Erik flew off to Vietnam for his internship with the State Department.

I really need to go lay out in the sun. I will talk about next year soon. Ciao!