Monday, September 14, 2009

things are looking up!

hello all. i find myself in an odd place. today, i find myself with a sick boss and very little work to do. but there is pumpkin ice cream in the freezer at work, so i have managed to find a way to occupy myself.

work is going well. i feel as thought my life is rather mundane inside of a cubicle. i have started to decorate it, but that is coming along slowly. i have a few pictures up, and a few other bits of information. i often find myself trying to memorize the electoral districts of washington.
my projects are interesting, but i am not entirely sure how much progress i am ever making. i think when i get further into the year i will be able to look back and see some very real gains.

life in cherry abbey is interesting. community i always knew would be the most difficult for me. the friendships and relationships i was expecting to form quickly and deeply, have been slow to occur. i know i am impatient by my nature, but even this seems to be taking a little longer than seems reasonable.

last week we had a long conversation about how we see ourselves operating in the house. really it was a conversation about what in the house is helping us to thrive in this year, and what is hindering that growth. we will be talking about it more tomorrow, and i hope that we can continue the conversation in a civil tone.

but i feel very off having that lack of depth with another person that i have actual contact with. erik and andrew, as always, offer great advice, but having actual contact with someone is so much more fulfilling.

i have found a friend, alex, who has been able to fill that roll. he had been dating a JV from last year in portland, but their relationship didn’t survive the distance. alex and i had a very fruitful conversation last night. he would say that it was ‘life-giving’ and i would be inclined to agree with that. and i think that this friendship will be critical to my success in community this year. having that friend outside of the house that can still challenge me and give me perspective on the situation will help me to thrive this year.

there has been an impromptu family reunion announced for the weekend after i go to denver. i am so very excited to have all six of us together again. it will be wonderful.

also, this website took a good 30 minutes from my life today.


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