Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The beginning of unemployment.

Countdown to unemployment: 7 Days

My attempt to blog during JVC failed rather spectacularly. But let’s not hold that against me. My JVC experience is nearly over now and I find my self entering into the world with no job and a fair bit of uncertainty. I want to lay the groundwork for where I am as I hope to maintain this daily until I find a job.

My year of JVC ends Monday, August 2nd. I am staying in Seattle for an extra day to pack and clean. I will be taking the big gray dog back to Spokane to move in with the parents! My bus will arrive back home just in time for dinner! I am excited by the opportunity to spend time with my mother and father and to relax after a year of community and simplicity. I am also terrified by the prospect of applying for more and more jobs under the watchful eyes of my family.

I guess that is one of my main points as I enter the journey of unemployment for keeping this blog. It will provide a clear record of the jobs that I am applying for and my thoughts on the application process.

As a warning, I have problems with job postings that say “no calls please” and often feel the need to talk about that.

I am applying for jobs in the Washington, DC and Denver areas. Erik is nearing the end of a very long application process for a government job that would start nearly a year after getting hired because of the security clearance process. We hope that he gets the job, but that still leaves us in Limbo for quite some time. Denver means a cheap apartment that we already have furnished, but DC is where we want to be in the long run. For that reason we have narrowed our job searches to those two areas.

It is hard to apply for jobs when you don’t live in the city. I recognize this daily. We will see what happens.

My goal is to post every day of the unemployment adventure. I am committing myself to that. Because let’s be honest, I will have nothing better to do with my time outside of the 15 jobs I hope to apply for each week.

Tomorrow I will talk about what I want to do and the skills I have. Until then, pray for my resumes.


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