Friday, July 30, 2010


Countdown to unemployment: 4 Days

After a week where it was tough to find enough jobs today had six jobs that I wanted to apply to. And I haven’t even opened my email from Idealist. Arg. I guess that is how it works.

I also heard back from a job!! It was just sharing the wages and wondering if I was still interested. The pay is not great, but it is a job in development that would offer great future opportunities with other nonprofits. Hearing back was a huge lift for my spirits and will be the highlight of my day. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Today was my last day up in the Distribution Center. On Fridays I fill custom grocery bags for clients who come into the office. I will miss that. Today was three last days for my housemates. Four of us work on Monday. Then the adventure of JVC will end and unemployment will begin! Hopefully not for too long, but just a short time to decompress after JVC.

Erik gets to Spokane for my father’s 60th birthday party in only 19 days. Now that we are in the teens, it seems like it is just around the corner. Plus with me moving and Erik visiting DC for a job interview and San Antonio to visit his brothers, these days should just fly by. Have a wonderful Friday afternoon!


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