Monday, August 16, 2010

family time and beer


I know it has been a while. But lots of things are happening and keep getting distracted. Erik’s interview in DC went well and we should hear back in 1-2 months. YAY!

I woke to an email on Thursday from the development job I interviewed with saying they decided to pursue other candidates. Damn.

I keep applying to jobs but here nothing back. Arg.

I went and watched Liz, one of my JVC housemates, run part of the Spokane to Sandpoint relay race. That was tons of fun.

Saturday Anthony and Amanda got to town for the birthday week. Thursday my father will turn 60 and a huge party will happen Friday. On Saturday after mass, we went to Laguna Café and I ate the biggest Cobb Salad ever. Anthony and I had the best beer ever, High Five Hefe, from Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, that tasted strongly of ginger and honey, while not being sweet. It was amazing. Becky and Andrew get to town on Tuesday. Erik will arrive Wednesday, just in time to go to Silverwood! Troy will arrive Friday. It is going to be a very packed and very fun week!

All this full makes it hard to work, but I am trying and doing a reasonable job.


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