Monday, August 09, 2010


I know that it has been a week, but I did move across the state.

On my bus ride back from Seattle I called Erik and he checked my email for me. I received an email about the Development job in Baltimore and they wanted a phone interview. I had that on Friday and I think it went well. They had over 70 applications and my phone interview was about half an hour. I cannot imagine that everyone got a phone interview, and I should hear back about a possible second interview by Friday. I really like this job and I think I could do it very well.

I also got an email from a job I applied to in Denver for a Community Outreach Coordinator job. It seems like it would be a challenging job, but could open a lot of doors. I hope to hear back from them this week.

Erik is in DC right now for 3 days of interviews with the government. I hope he is doing well as this would be a great boost for him.

I sent in an application for a Program Assistant Job just now. It seems like it would be a lot like my job at Lifelong, only actually using more of my time. The listing on Idealist said that the closing date is the 25th of August. I understand that it is only three weeks, but that is a long time to wait to hear from a job. I am really just frustrated with not hearing back from jobs because it seems like they are accepting applications for so long.

I will also be sending out applications today for an administrative assistant position and a campus organizer job. A walk also seems to be in order. It is a beautiful and not too warm of a day, so I might walk downtown and see what has changed. Rumor has it that Spokane is getting an Apple store. Not that I like Apple products, I just cannot imagine Spokane having or needing one.


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